Lessons On-Demand allow you to preview lessons from both Super Good Manners and Super Good Puppy. All are "freebies" and the Super Good Puppy lessons are full-length. This will give you a taste of Teach That Dog! and Super Dooper Dog Training.
Watch as Pat and Dooper guide you through Super Good Manners lessons on-demand. They will teach you to teach your dog basic everyday commands like Sit, Down, Stay and Heel and lesser-known ones like 1-2-3 Free, Go-Around and By-My-Side. Super Good Manners will get you on the road to having a well-behaving dog. If you like these, buy our DVD, Teach That Dog! Super Good Manners either at the Teach That Dog! Store or Amazon.com for only $14.95.
Super Good Puppy lessons on-demand are all about training your puppy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Always a challenge, this series focuses on how to train your puppy from housekeeping to basic puppy obedience. Also learn what supplies you will need to get started with your new member of the family. These will be available as full-length videos until we put them on a DVD.